Pep Guardiola on 'top, top striker' Harry Kane as Bayern deal agreed

Pep Guardiola on ‘top, top striker’ Harry Kane as Bayern deal agreed

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48 comentarios en “Pep Guardiola on 'top, top striker' Harry Kane as Bayern deal agreed

  1. @Zackarria688

    Shearer will never be replaced as premier league top scorer ever!!!!!
    it’s just not possible nowadays Kane was the only one remotely close and he looks to be closing out his career in Germany.

  2. @CarlHislop

    Peps just sick of the stupid question… a weak question to be fair – as Pep said "just look at him". etc. Just a poor question, generally…

    Like when somebody asked Ferguson who he would sign from the Barca team 🤣🤣🙈🙈

  3. @SPQSpartacus

    Pep knows. Yet couch coaches keep underestimating Kane. He’s not flashy. He’s not egoistic. He’s just a perfect, complete attacking player. Maybe now he’s gone to Bayern, people will understand.

  4. @jasonchatto

    England have been the best team in the world for about 5 years. Winning a cup is random and takes a little luck. Let's face it. Argentina got beaten by Saudi Arabia in the first game. If that was the final Saudis would be World champions. It was a proper serious competitive game. There's no way on Earth England or France would of lost that game.

  5. @jonbar140

    And now Alan shearer will always be on top of him.
    Can't blame him for leaving Spurs. 10 games in, not feeling too much of a loss that he's gone lol. Loving Angeball

  6. @gabbzthe1st984

    He always has this dissapointed look whenever he answers a question it’s almost as if his face is saying ‘ah fucking hell are you really asking me that?’

    Then proceeds to give the most articulate answer possible 😂

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