WERE ARSENAL ROBBED?! Arsenal 2-2 Bayern Munich Reaction

WERE ARSENAL ROBBED?! Arsenal 2-2 Bayern Munich Reaction

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30 comentarios en “WERE ARSENAL ROBBED?! Arsenal 2-2 Bayern Munich Reaction

  1. @Dartagnan88

    From a neutral observer who actually cheered for arsenal since it’s their first time in an eternity playing in UCL QF let me say this.

    Not only was Bayern robbed since it was the clearest handball penalty ever, saka clearly jumped into neuer after seeing the second angle. That you arsenal supporters actually argue that you’ve been robbed in any way is a freaking joke.
    Bayern showed that there are levels to this game and that the UCL is still their arena. If you’re not Real Madrid you need to be very humble before facing a giant like Munich in the knockout stage.
    The way the English media behaves and the delusions of arsenal supporters made me cheer for Bayern in the second leg. Hopefully they beat arsenal like Germany beat Brazil.

  2. @decarbonatedsprite8382

    If the ref gives the Saka pen, VAR isn't overturning that. That's the discussion we should be having. VAR came in to bring some consistency to these decisions, but it's still all the same, still fundamentally decided by the ref in the moment.

  3. @fonosayno

    We weren’t robbed. We were outdone by a very composed and experienced Bayern side.

    Yes we scored 2 very good goals and we tied the game but we lost composure for both the conceded goals. In CL football, 1 mistake is enough to knock you out.

    The pen was questionable but I also think Saka is looking for the contact. If he stays up Neuer either follows through for a clear pen or Saka beats him outright.

    Despite the poor result I am happy we went through this tie. We learned some big lessons without suffering a loss, which could’ve easily happened.

    We move

  4. @charlotteking5628

    No we wasn’t they were robbed I’ll be so real we gave them 2 not 1 but 2 goals due to shaky moments we are catfish how can we play so well then play like that im disappointed tbh we just never good in knock out games it’s f history for us

  5. @amroemara3237

    As an Arsenal fan, it was not a penatly, I am pissed off with Saka, he could and should of stayed up took that left turn as he did and focus on making a shot on goal, not the shit he pulled off.

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