🔴Arsenal vs Bayern Munich (2-2) HIGHLIGHTS: Saka Penalty? | Saka, Trossard, Kane & Gnabry GOALS!

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Arsenal vs Bayern Munich 2-2 Champions League 1st Leg: The Champions League quarter final’s 1st leg between Arsenal and Bayern Munich went draw by 2-2 goals as Saka and Trossard scored for Arsenal and Gnabry and Harry Kane scored for Bayern Munich. Just before the final whistle, Saka was fouled by Bayern Goalkeeper Neuer inside penalty area. And referee didn’t awarded penalty to Arsenal. It was a controversial decision from the referee. Later, when Saka got up to his feet, he ran towards referee to ask how was that not a penalty? Watch Saka controversial penalty vs Bayern Munich. Watch Saka Goal vs Bayern Munich. Watch Trossard Goal vs Bayern Munich. Watch Harry Kane penalty vs Arsenal. Watch Gnabry Goal vs Arsenal. Watch Arsenal vs Bayern Munich 2-2 highlights.

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22 comentarios en “🔴Arsenal vs Bayern Munich (2-2) HIGHLIGHTS: Saka Penalty? | Saka, Trossard, Kane & Gnabry GOALS!

  1. @ts8941

    Everyone talking about sakas penalty, but no one talking about gabriel playing THE ROLE OF GOALKEEPER IN HIS OWN PENALTY BOX. LIKE HE IS HOLDING THE BALL AS IF HE IS THE GK.

  2. @samsonatanda8202

    This is a penalty for crying out loud. Nobody talks about Nueuer stretching his leg to stop him, only talking about Saka, The question is what attempts was made by the keep to stop the body , none but the intention was to professionally stop Saka ,which he did and the Ref. falls for the keepers' tricks… what makes this different from the penalty incident between Westham goalkeeper in the six goals match

  3. @Jbf27

    It does not matter how many goals Saka scores from here on, he missed the penalty in euro final three years ago, he does not deserve any respect.

  4. @skepticus123

    Go to 6:10 and set playback speed to 1/4. Saka had already changed direction when Neuer stuck his leg out. Saka definitely went out of his way to make the contact with Neuer's leg. Correct decision. Daft from both players though – Neuer shouldn't have put his leg out (he was never going to get the ball from there), and Saka didn't need to make contact with him as he was already round him – it was almost like making contact was instinctive for him.

  5. @CzechImp

    The easiest way to judge it is to look at the direction of the ball and the player – they are different.
    If Saka pushes the ball through the keeper's legs or just past him, then goes down, he would probably get a penalty.
    However, he pushes the ball to one side but keeps running at the keeper! The keeper has stopped – you cannot win a foul by just running into him.
    It is really quite dumb by Saka – I hope he shows more maturity when playing for England…

  6. @user-vv8oe1wk9f

    The midfield referee and the referees were obviously on Bayern's side, and when Arsenal were about to finish, Nua's leg block was not saved.Foul Ignore the balls, and take action against the referee

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