Arsenal 2-2 Bayern Munich | Match Day Live | Champions League

Arsenal vs Bayern Munich | Match Day Live | Champions League

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00:00 Intro
08:00 They come to win the game!
13:15 FC
15:35 Kick off
19:15 Well played!
21:25 Saka!
22:30 Terrible touch!
24:15 Davies yellow card
27:15 GOAL! Arsenal
33:25 Goal! Bayern
42:00 Attempt
45:30 Penalty! Kane Arsenal 1-2 Bayern
51:00 Tackle from Ben White
01:01:50 Haft Time
01:26:45 Kane. Yellow card
01:31:50 Free kick
01:35:55 Havertz down
01:38:35 Juses out
01:39:50 Kane pass
01:43:45 Great attempt
01:48:00 Arsenal GOAL! 2-2
02:08:30 Full Time

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27 comentarios en “Arsenal 2-2 Bayern Munich | Match Day Live | Champions League

  1. @alexab543

    This is what happens when your fanbase justifies cheating, like the Odegaard hand ball v Liverpool. You let your players get away with mistakes because the refs let you off, and when you play in a level playing field you get found out.

  2. @ProgressiveHouse-

    Starting with Kiwior and Jorginho was a mistake. Against teams like Luton and Brighton in the league, it might be acceptable as that's their level. However, playing them alongside players expected to perform at the highest level was simply ignorant. He tends to overrate players who are not up to the task in the UCL. He should wake up before he loses touch with reality in the next leg.

  3. @kenshiki868

    He’s moving at speed and being kicked on the same knee all game and you guys think he’s willing to slam he’s knee full force into neuer and he also doesn’t once look at neuer’s leg at all and where’s the logic in taking a pen against neuer that’s stupid you man don’t play ball 😂

  4. @tyronemaxen4456

    I can’t understand why people are getting confused by this tackle, but to me it’s a clear cut penalty. If the first one was given so fast. Why was this denied so quickly. VaR decision was made too quickly 4 me
    And on another note for those of you who don’t think it’s a penalty. What were you expecting Saka to do exactly I have watched the replay back and if you are running full pelt in that way, there is no way for you to have your leg. Neur comes out and blocks his path, so for me clear cut penalty .

  5. @mathemen3011

    Arsenal is lucky that Tuchel again completely bottled his coaching. He refuses to play Tel and takes Sane out far too early. Bayern should have won this match easily. Just embarrassing coaching.

  6. @ordro107

    Gabriel should pass it out if there is a misunderstanding.
    Kiwior didn't wake up on time, and on the 2nd goal he HAD to take a yellow if Sane turned on him so cleanly.
    Then Jorginho goes to ground gets nothing on the ball but confuses both CBs… We need a fit Partey.
    We can do this but we need to give 200%

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