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Arsenal 2-2 Bayern Munich | Match Day Live | Champions League

Arsenal vs Bayern Munich | Match Day Live | Champions League

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00:00 Intro
08:00 They come to win the game!
13:15 FC
15:35 Kick off
19:15 Well played!
21:25 Saka!
22:30 Terrible touch!
24:15 Davies yellow card
27:15 GOAL! Arsenal
33:25 Goal! Bayern
42:00 Attempt
45:30 Penalty! Kane Arsenal 1-2 Bayern
51:00 Tackle from Ben White
01:01:50 Haft Time
01:26:45 Kane. Yellow card
01:31:50 Free kick
01:35:55 Havertz down
01:38:35 Juses out
01:39:50 Kane pass
01:43:45 Great attempt
01:48:00 Arsenal GOAL! 2-2
02:08:30 Full Time

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